Not a Joke: Tesla is Giving Away a Sledgehammer As a Referral Reward


not a joke tesla is giving away a sledgehammer as a referral reward

The world does not need another way for Tesla superfans to show their love for the company. Beyond the endless legions of people (or bots) willing to spring into action online anytime someone speaks ill of the company, it has released novelty products, like liquor, to adoring fans. The company is now offering another way to show Tesla love. Head designer Franz von Holzhausen recently tweeted images of the CyberHammer, an actual sledgehammer available through Tesla’s referral program as a reward.

Von Holzhausen used a similar tool to bash the Cybertruck’s doors during the initial reveal event in 2019 before breaking a window with a metal ball. The Cyberhammer features a “Franz” signature on its head to commemorate the event, and the hammer’s matte black finish mirrors von Holzhausen’s wrapped Cybertruck.

Tesla said it would only make 800 of the angular hammers. They’re only available as an award in the automaker’s referral program, which gives owners a code to share with a prospective buyer. If the buyer moves forward with their purchase, the referring Tesla owner gets credits that can be used for rewards like free charging or a Cyberhammer.

If you’re wondering why anyone would be excited to order a hammer from an electric automaker, you need to spend some time looking at Tesla fans. We’re almost guaranteed to see a host of videos with people beating the snot out of their Cybertrucks using the hammer, so there’s entertainment to be had for those of us “unlucky” enough to miss out on the promotion. Additionally, all of the company’s previous quirky prizes have gone over well with owners, including Tesla short-shorts, which poked fun at people shorting Tesla stock, tequila, and more. The company also offered Cybertruck-themed drinkware, including Cybersteins, to hold a favorite beer.

[Image: Tesla via X/Twitter]

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