No More Leg Day: South Carolina Squat Ban Goes Into Effect Soon


no more leg day south carolina squat ban goes into effect soon

Of all the stupid vehicle modification trends over the last few decades, “squatting” has to be one of the worst. People giving their trucks the “Carolina Squat” by raising the front end but leaving the rear alone will hopefully be a thing of the past soon, however, as officials in South Carolina will start handing out tickets for the utterly ridiculous practice beginning on May 10.

In a rare show of political unity, a bipartisan effort was organized to ban squatted trucks. The mods not only look stupid but fundamentally change the way the trucks drive and can make it hard to see—which is kind of important when driving. South Carolina now joins North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia with the ban.

Owners have had six months to get things straightened out since the ban was initially announced in November 2023, but similar efforts to prohibit other idiotic mods haven’t stopped some from trying. People still alter diesel trucks to “roll coal,” and loud exhausts – not always a bad thing – remain a problem for some communities.

We’re all for modifying your car for better performance or even to get a desired look, but there has to be some common sense involved. Running a mod that makes a truck less drivable and safe while mangling its appearance doesn’t fall under those rules. If you’re going to lift a truck, make sure you lift the whole thing, and please, whatever you do, don’t do the squat.

[Image: Myrtle Beach Cam via YouTube]

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