Nissan Prices 2024 Rogue, Only Modest Hikes Appear


nissan prices 2024 rogue only modest hikes appear

Just about everything is more expensive these days. Why, just last week, our Managing Editor was complaining about his trip to buy methylated spirits and a hammer drill as part of his planned New Year’s Eve festivities*. This is why it’s all the more remarkable when automakers essentially hold the line on pricing models for a new model year – especially when it is one of their best sellers.

Nissan didn’t even try to pull a sneaky on ya and slide a price hike into the fine print. There is no change to destination and handling for the 2024 Rogue, a line item which remains at $1,365 and is not included in the prices listed here.

Starting in the basement, S trims with front-wheel drive now command $28,320 which is $410 dearer than last year. The rungs on the ladder which do the most volume in Nissan showrooms, the SV and SL, are now priced at $30,010 and $35,170 respectively. Those are increases of $410 (is there an echo in here?) and $1,110. The latter could be seen as a quick profit boost for the company, one which sadly may not be outrageously obvious to shoppers comparing biweekly payment spread over a 84-month term. Platinum front-drivers are now $38,600 which also represents a $1,110 jump.

nissan prices 2024 rogue only modest hikes appear

As with last year, adding all-wheel drive is a $1,500 proposition on any trim. Other various and sundry add-ons include a Premium Package on SV, SL, and Platinum models. Despite bearing the same moniker across the board, this group could add the likes of a glass roof and heated seats or a better sound system and helpful driving aids depending on selected trim. It seems the price for these packages has actually dropped a bit in 2024, potentially offsetting some of the MSRP hike.

nissan prices 2024 rogue only modest hikes appear

Powertrains remain unchanged, showing up as a 1.5L three-cylinder turbo good for 201 horsepower and 225 lb-ft of torque. The latter doesn’t come online until 2,800 rpm, so make sure you test drive this thing on your routes around town to confirm you’re fine with its responsiveness before signing the note. The blasted CVT Xtronic remains.

As the brand’s bread and butter, look for the 2024 Rogue in dealerships immediatement.

*Ed. note — I think Mr. Guy confused his own festivities with mine.

[Image: Nissan]

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