Nissan: GT-R and Z Will Live On, But Might Look Radically Different


nissan gt r and z will live on but might look radically different

After more than 15 years, the R35 Nissan GT-R is reaching the end of the road, but there’s good news for fans of the iconic sports car. At this year’s New York auto show, an official from the automaker told Motor Authority that the GT-R and Z names would be sticking around but also noted that it could be some time before they are reborn.

The company is concerned with maintaining both cars’ legacy and personality. Nissan SVP and Chief Planning Officer Ponz Pandikuthira said, “The next generation of the GT-R has to be an authentic GT-R.” They also noted that any transition to electrification could not come at the expense of on-track performance.

While the automaker participates in Formula E, which could yield consumer-ready technology for the next-gen GT-R, the execs also said that the Nissan engineering team is on hold waiting for today’s tech to progress. Batteries are still too heavy and don’t offer the level of energy density needed to produce a lightweight electric race car.

The next-gen car’s design hasn’t been set, with Nissan’s team split in a few different directions. Executives have indicated that the car would retain some of its historic design elements, including the quad-taillight look and aggressive face.

AS for the Z, we’re only a few years into the current generation’s run. Its powertrain is designed to meet emissions regulations for the lifespan of the car, so it won’t see any significant changes before a next-generation model arrives – if it does at all. If there is a new car, it will either be another throwback, like the current Z, or a completely different model that breaks with tradition.

[Image: Nissan]

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