Musk: A Unionized Tesla Would Indicate Failure


musk a unionized tesla would indicate failure

Elon Musk has no trouble generating words, both the ones that come out of his mouth (and keyboard fingers) and the ones that breathlessly recap the first type. There was the post on X agreeing with an antisemitic statement, though Musk later apologized. More recently, the controversial CEO shared his thoughts (again) on unions, saying that he believes a Tesla employee union would be a mistake, among many other statements.

Musk made his comments at a New York Times event, saying, “I think it’s generally not good to have an adversarial relationship between one group at the company and another group. The unions naturally try to create negativity in a company and create a sort of lords and peasants situation.”

He noted that a union would mean that the company had failed in some way, noting that the automaker’s managers and line-level workers are on far more level ground than they would be in a union shop.

He went on to claim that some Tesla workers have become millionaires through the value of stock bonuses, though the company’s share prices are down from the high two years ago. Musk’s comments came in response to a question about the UAW’s push to unionize Tesla workers. The union announced a goal to organize workers at holdout automakers across the country, including Rivian, Lucid, and Tesla.

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