Mercedes Cranks the Wick on AMG SL to 1,047 Lb-ft


mercedes cranks the wick on sl to 1 047 lb ft

Be honest. When one thinks of vehicles with four-figure levels of torque, heavy-duty pickup trucks tend to spring immediately to mind. But now we can add a Mercedes-Benz to that roster – and it comes from the most unlikely of segments. 

Enter the *inhales* 2024 Mercedes-AMG SL 63 S E PERFORMANCE *exhales*. Someone in Stuttgart must have a brother who owns a letter making business in need of a boost. At any rate, this ragtop is apparently good for 805 horsepower and a staggering 1,047 lb-ft torque peak, courtesy of a V8 engine and hybrid gubbins. 

We find a 4.0-liter biturbo octopot under that swollen bonnet, appended by an electric drive unit on the rear axle contributing 201 hp to the equation. That motor dances with a two-speed transmission whilst the V8 deals with a nine-speed that’s been fettled by AMG. Note well: there remains a mechanical connection of the AMG Performance 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive system, meaning the electro guts can shuffle power to the front wheels under certain conditions. There’s a 6.1kWh battery in the mix, as well. Tech is wonderful. 

mercedes cranks the wick on sl to 1 047 lb ft

How wonderful? How about 0 – 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds type of wonderful? Top speed is electronically limited to 196 mph and speeds are brought back to sanity by six-piston calipers up front with 16.5-inch carbon ceramic discs. 

It’s worth saying that while the four-figure torque gets all the headlines, there is a notation that “system torque” ranges from 797 lb-ft up to the stated maximum. That, of course, is still nothing at which to sneeze. There are all manner of driving modes, of course, including an all-electric though Merc has yet to say how far this thing will get on electrons alone thought they do make the effort to point out the battery is designed for fast power delivery and draw rather than longest possible range. Good enough for tootling around Rodeo Drive, at least. And yes, that is a charging port on its rump.

mercedes cranks the wick on sl to 1 047 lb ft

Having driven the SL 63 in California when it showed up on the market about two years ago, this author can confidently say the thing is not wanting for a bit of power. Jacking twist to 1,047 lb-ft is sure to turn the brute in a suit into an even more fearsome weapon in which to terrorize sun-soaked coastal roads or wherever the nation’s 1% choose to live these days. The presence of active ride control and rear-axle steering should also help Hollywood elites from wadding this thing up on the streets of Malibu too quickly.

Merc says the 2024 Mercedes-AMG SL 63 S E PERFORMANCE will appear at American dealerships in the upcoming calendar year.

[Image: Mercedes-Benz]

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