Mercedes-AMG Gifts All-Wheel Drive to Slinky GT, Jacks the Sticker


mercedes amg gifts all wheel drive to slinky gt jacks the sticker

It will be of little surprise to learn that Mercedes-AMG, like just about every other car company on this green earth, are fettling the prices of their wares. Still, even the one-percenters who fork out for sporty machines like the Merc GT coupe may be blinking in askance upon seeing that model’s new sticker price.

Now offered solely with all-wheel drive, the two-door AMG GT now starts at an eye-watering $136,050 in GT55 guise, a walk of some 16 grand up the price ladder compared to the last-gen example. Last sold three model years ago, the GT coupe set an opening bid of $119,650. This is notable because, despite the addition of features including all-wheel drive, the thing actually makes less power these days, though 469 horses from a twin-turbo 4.0L V8 is hardly something at which to sneeze. Despite extra gubbins in the running gear, acceleration should be quicker in the new model thanks to grip at all four corners. Adaptive dampers and a measure of rear wheel steering is also now part of the deal.

Anyone seeking more tri-star lunacy can check out the GT63 variant, running 577 horsepower from a twin-turbo engine of equal displacement as the 55. Yes, Virginia, it has been some time since the ‘63’ accurately referred to engine size; even in the V8 glory days from last decade, the mill was technically 6.2L of displacement though its tremendous soundtrack made up for any lost liters.

Lost Liters will be the name of this author’s next band, should he ever learn to play an instrument.

As typical with Mercedes, the in-yer-face styling may be abutted by the likes of Night and Carbon packages, offering muted hues on items such as its front splitter and rear diffuser. Entertaining spoiler styles may be opted to perch on the GT’s rear haunches, further increasing the visual drama. I’ll take mine in bright yellow, thanks.

Look for the 2024 Mercedes-AMG GT to start appearing in tonier parts of your town very shortly.

[Image: Mercedes-AMG]

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