Mazda3 Price Lowered for 2025


mazda3 price lowered for 2025

In a rare Uno Reverse moment, the crew at Mazda has reduced the price of entry for the generally excellent Mazda3.

It’s not a wholesale price chop across the board, mind you. For example, the primary reason for a reduction in starting price on the hatchback is thanks to an appearance of the base S trim, a level which was not in the cards last year. It’s a similar story for anyone desiring a turbocharged 5-door, with a new Carbon Turbo trim coming in roughly $3,000 cheaper than the asking price of last year’s Turbo Premium Plus. That being said, like-for-like pricing is up only $300 for 2025 hatches.

Anyone preferring a four-door Mazda3 with a real trunk will find similar pricing changes, though the 2.5 S is genuinely cheaper than last year, stickering at $25,135 which is a savings of 220 clams. Other trims either hold the line (such as the 2.5 S Select Sport at $26,145) or move the needle imperceptibly (like the 2.5 Turbo Premium Plus which climbs 50 bucks to $36,985). Those prices all include the $1,185 destination charge.

mazda3 price lowered for 2025

For anyone who has forgotten, the Mazda3 is offered avec or sans turbocharging. The naturally aspirated mill is good for 191 horsepower and 186 lb-ft of torque while the turbo makes 227 ponies and 310 lb-ft of twist when fed a steady diet of 87 octane. Springing for costlier 93 octane fuel nets extra power in the turbo, pushing output to 250 horsepower and 320 lb-ft of torque. Turns out it is good to eat yer spinach. Some trims can be shod with all-wheel drive.

Through to the end of May, there have been 15,157 Mazda3 models delivered, about 43.3% of which have been hatchbacks. That number is far higher than this author expected, though it is pleasing to learn. Perhaps unsurprisingly, that number lags behind every crossover in the showroom, a performance led by the CX-5 which has found 58,094 homes so far this year.

[Images: Mazda]

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