Hyundai Reportedly Building N Vision 74


hyundai reportedly building n vision 74

Reports from South Korea are claiming that Hyundai will build a limited number of the N Vision 74, pegging the production figure at just 100 units. This comes after the company filed a trademark for the “N74” moniker, Till Wartenberg (vice president Hyundai’s N performance division) expressed interest in seeing the concept become a production model, and sustained rumors that the automaker was on the cusp of approving the model.

When the N Vision 74 debuted, just about every automotive writer soiled themselves with excitement. For a long time, invigorating automotive designs intentionally hearkened back to an era catered heavily toward older generations. Now, we’re starting to see vehicles modeled inspired by cars that were made after the invention of the personal computer.

hyundai reportedly building n vision 74

Hyundai claims that the 74 was inspired by the brand’s 1974 Pony Coupe concept designed by Goigetto Giugiaro (above). While the resulting production vehicle failed to embrace the best elements of Giugiaro’s creation, the N Vision 74 absolutely does. But the vehicle also seems to borrow from the DMC DeLorean, Group B Rally Cars, and a smattering of other vehicles from the 1980s that many of us coveted in our younger years.

According to South Korea’s ETNews, formerly the Electronic Times, Hyundai plans on building 100 vehicles based upon the hydrogen-electric hybrid concept. The outlet said 30 of those were to be reserved for racing applications, with the remaining 70 to be sold to the public. Though, with such a limited production run, “the public” will probably be heavily vetted by Hyundai before they’re allowed to take ownership. The company reportedly sees the model as a supercar and intends on treating it as if that’s the case.

hyundai reportedly building n vision 74

However, if the numbers being suggested are to be believed, it should offer supercar levels of performance while the hydrogen-electric powertrain will make it even less practical than one. When Hyundai showed off its N74 test mule to journalists, the vehicle was said to have a pair of 335-horsepower electric motors driving the rear axle. The production version is alleged to boast 800 hp in total.

Since we don’t speak Korean, some aspects of the report are likely to be lost in translation. But the outlet claims production is being targeted to begin in the first half of 2026. It’s also very bullish on Hyundai being serious about building it, despite the manufacturer staying quiet on making any formal commitments. Still, the company continues to hype the N Vision 74 and has a dedicated test mule. The vehicle serves some purpose for Hyundai that goes beyond showing off what the design team is capable of.

hyundai reportedly building n vision 74

That said, putting a vehicle like this into production would be a pretty wild move or the brand to make. Hyundai has long been synonymous with affordable, high-volume vehicles and the N74 certainly won’t be either of those things.

But Hyundai has also been trying to broaden its image. Launching the Genesis brand proved it could build a competent luxury vehicle, the IONIQ nameplate got it into the world of EVs, and the N performance brand showed the world that the company could produce truly exciting vehicles. It’s also undeniable that Kia and Hyundai designs have gotten quite good in recent years. Leadership knows this, as it was part of the automaker’s master plan to enhance its credibility after achieving enviable production volumes.

hyundai reportedly building n vision 74

The next step may be building a supercar. Honda did it with the NSX. Though Hyundai’s present trajectory is giving off more peak-Mitsubishi vibes — back when the Yamauchi Diamond Crest was known for putting out affordable automobiles that could absolutely rip, rather than forgettable crossovers for people who just need basic transportation.

We’ll have to see if Hyundai actually comes through with the production N74. While it feels too impractical for the brand to move on, it has already dumped a lot of time and energy into the project. The company is also trying to boost its reputation and building an ultra-rare performance vehicle based on a captivating concept would certainly do that.

hyundai reportedly building n vision 74

[Images: Hyundai Motor Group]

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