GM to Stop Sales of Silverado and Sierra for Roof Splitting Issue


gm to stop sales of silverado and sierra for roof splitting issue

General Motors is one of the largest pickup truck manufacturers in the world, with its Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra two of its more popular models. While the most recent iterations of the two full-size pickups are more refined and tech-forward than previous generations, the 2024 models appear to also have a problem with their roofs splitting. reported on the issue, in response to which General Motors issued a stop sale for the two trucks. While the automaker has not identified specific affected models or configurations, it said that around 3,067 vehicles in the U.S. are included in the action. The problem relates to the trucks’ roof panels, which can begin to split open on the passenger side. Though the damage is typically hidden by the roof molding, it can cause corrosion, leaking, and a safety issue during a crash.

Unlike many recent recalls and safety issues, this problem cannot be fixed with a software update. Dealers will drill the ends of the cracks to stop the spread, and MIG weld the underside of the roof. The truck then needs to be repainted and clear-coated to finish the job, and dealers will also apply an anti-corrosion solution on the welds.

This action could affect vehicles sitting on dealers’ lots, so the stop-sale is intended to have them fixed before they leave the showroom. Affected owners will have the repairs performed for free under warranty and may receive a loaner car.

[Image: GM]

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