Ford Slides Retro Gauges into Mustang, Should Do F-150 Next


ford slides retro gauges into mustang should do f 150 next

It is flummoxing when automakers decide to saddle an enormous expanse of digital real estate with relatively few display options. Sure, the whole so-called Calm Screen from Hackett-era products at Ford was a fine idea – but not without supplementary options from which to choose.

Fortunately, someone at Ford finally plowed through the red tape and infused the new Mustang with entertaining choices. First, a Fox Body-style gauge option was on tap, a neat throwback now joined by a display selection inspired by the 1967-1968 model years. Best of all, it found its way into cars by way of an over-the-air update.

According to the company, hundreds of individual Mustang gauge clusters spanning a bunch of years were evaluated to create this new Heritage look. A realistic chrome render wraps these gauges, just like the polished metal used in 1967-1968, a feature which is said to even reflect the needle as it sweeps around the gauge. It’s that type of attention to detail which makes these efforts enjoyable instead of an eye-rolling attempt at pandering to the fan base.

Since it seems to be the Blue Oval leading this innovation charge, we’ll take the opportunity to suggest other excellent gauge clusters from the brand’s history for future consideration. As a child of the ‘80s, this writer suggests anything from the old-school green LCD digital era, such as this display from the  Probe or these from the  Crown Vic, though it’s up for debate what current models in which they would be appropriate. 

Maybe it would be better if the truck division could get to work with the F-150’s cluster to replicate  these from the ‘90s or  this set from the Bullnose era. Actually, the latter would work perfectly in the existing cluster, with appropriate gauges on the left and right plus the option of a tach in the center (most trims had a blank plate in that space back in the day).

Give us a call, Ford. We’ve a ton more ideas.

[Image: Ford]

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