Ford Drops Limited Edition 60th Anniversary Mustang for 2025


ford drops limited edition 60th anniversary mustang for 2025

The Ford Motor Company is offering a limited appearance package for the 2025 model year of the Mustang, stating that there will be just 1,965 examples to commemorate the car’s introductory year. As previously teased by the automaker, the model will receive special badging, decals, and wheels that hearken back to the original.

This likewise means paint options will be limited. While the 1964.5 and 1965 model years actually came in an array of hues, these anniversary models will be limited to Race Red, Wimbledon White, or Vapor Blue. Ford clearly is trying to hype up the vehicle’s status as iconically American here. But the very first Mustang ever produced was indeed painted in Wimbledon White. Red was also a common sight whenever the manufacturer wanted to preview the model to the public in those early days and it would later be joined by blue as the most popular color to order the vehicle in.

ford drops limited edition 60th anniversary mustang for 2025

A set of 20-inch wheels probably do the heaviest lifting in terms of making it look like the original. They have the correct number of spokes and are finished off by a red center cap that mimics the other heritage-inspired badging that’s on the car.

“The design was directly inspired by the clean silhouette of the original car,” said lead designer Stefan Taylor. “During the design process, we looked closely at the finely detailed elements of the 1965 Mustang, like the fender badges and wheel center caps. Our focus was capturing the feel of the ‘65, while also staying true to the Mustang as the modern sports car that it is.”

ford drops limited edition 60th anniversary mustang for 2025

It’s ultimately an appearance package. But I’d wager the Ford guys will absolutely love this. My father owned several ‘Stangs over the years and the surrounding community possesses a loyalty to the vehicle that you really only see with truly legendary automobiles. It’s a genuine phenomenon and warrants Ford producing another heritage-inspired model.

You do get some options in terms of what color graphics you’d like – either red or silver. However, it’s pretty obvious which color combinations work best together. Customers also get a serialized badge to indicate which vehicle out of 1,965 they ended up owning. It’s located inside the vehicle, where fans can select between gray, red, or black upholstery themes.

Anniversary cars likewise receive a grille that’s somewhat reminiscent of the older cars and specialty headlights it referenced as “Nite Pony.” Those don’t actually have anything to do with the original Mustang and are instead the LED headlamps you can get on the Dark Horse variant of the Mustang.

ford drops limited edition 60th anniversary mustang for 2025

If we’re to be honest with ourselves, the package hardly transforms the S650 Ford into the original Mustang. But it’s probably going to be the kind of thing that’ll appeal to collectors and drivers with an abundance of nostalgia for the original model. Those interested have to start out by ordering the GT Premium trim (coupe or convertible) and decide whether or not they want a manual or 10-speed automatic attached to the obligatory 5.0-liter V8.

Orders should commence later this year, with Ford suggesting deliveries should take place before the year is over. But pricing remains a mystery, as does the exact date Blue Oval plans on opening the books. If you’re interested in nabbing a 60th Anniversary Mustang for yourself, we’d recommend going to the website and asking to receive notifications from the manufacturer or simply harassing your preferred dealership.

ford drops limited edition 60th anniversary mustang for 2025

[Images: Ford Motor Co.]

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