Dirtbag English Car Dealer Gets Jail Time for Ripping People Off


dirtbag english car dealer gets jail time for ripping people off

While there are absolutely exceptions, the days of the super-sleazy used car dealer seem to be behind us here in the States. Anyone ripped off by one of them probably wishes we had laws like those in England, where a shady dealer recently got jail time for his actions.

Samuel Smith’s Motor Value dealership in Nottinghamshire provided him and his family with a lavish lifestyle, but that income came at the expense of many unlucky buyers. He was found guilty after being accused of selling written-off cars with just enough repair to get them out the door, making bogus claims of warranties, and intimidating customers who complained.

Prosecutors detailed several cases where buyers paid deposits or purchased cars that were not as advertised. They found Smith’s bank account packed with 1.1 million pounds, so the racket was obviously quite profitable. He received 32 months in jail for his deeds, with the judge saying he showed “staggering arrogance” and “not a flicker of remorse.”

Despite that, Smith’s attorney said her client had changed. “The man that was deceiving these people is not the man who is now standing in the dock,” she said, noting that he’d learned some “very, very hard lessons” and had attempted suicide at one point.

The closest thing we have to something like this would probably be the “buy here, pay here” dealers with exorbitant interest rates and predatory repossession practices. That said, it’s still nice to see a dirtbag dealer get what’s right, even if it’s in another country.

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