2025 Mini Cooper S Hardtop Revealed in NYC


2025 mini cooper s hardtop revealed in nyc

Mini has released the 2025 Mini Cooper Hardtop, specifically the performance variant that’s likely to appeal to enthusiasts that aren’t interested in the hardcore John Cooper Works version. The manufacturer is reviewing the model at the New York auto show this week and looks to have kept the car that’s slated for sale in North America quite close to its European counterpart — with a few exceptions.

While the S variant will share the same turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine as the base unit, Mini is only sharing comprehensive specifications of the former. The 2025 Mini Cooper S hatchback will offer 201 horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque. Those are relatively modest power increases from its predecessor but likely to be noticeable if the car manages to keep its weight down. Regardless, the company said 60 mph should be available in about 6.3 seconds.

2025 mini cooper s hardtop revealed in nyc

Still front-wheel drive, the model will feature a seven-speed automatic transmission with no possibility to option a manual on our market. Mini probably assumed it wasn’t worth the trouble after considering prospective sales. But it’s something that’s going to annoy a subset of Cooper enthusiasts bent on maximizing driving engagement.

We’re running out of sporting vehicles that are focused on minimizing weight as a strategy for improving importance. However, finding companies that are willing to retain manual transmissions (especially on models sold in North America) is even more difficult. If Mini is willing to do either, it’s already going above what most brands are willing to do for people that enjoy spirited driving.

2025 mini cooper s hardtop revealed in nyc

Then again, we’re likewise seeing the Cooper hatchback adopting modern cues that haven’t really resonated with anyone. The cabin has gone minimalist, with the center touchscreen doing most of the heavy lifting in terms of both display and vehicle controls. The design harkens back to the original model while also adopting the latest trends automakers are using to save on production costs and hurrang drivers into interfacing with touch-based operating systems.

It doesn’t look bad and the initial reviews seem to indicate that the European model is easy enough to work. Build quality is also said to be excellent. But interior space remains lackluster, with the backseat really only working for extremely young children. Euro models have also shown the 2-door hatchback to offer a scant 7.45 cubic feet of trunk space. The four-door model is said to be better with nearly 9.7 cubic feet of space — or about what you’d get from a Fiat 500.

2025 mini cooper s hardtop revealed in nyc

While there’s definitely room to gripe about how the model is packaged, especially considering the model is going to be almost 4 inches longer and 2 inches wider than its predecessor, it’s still a relatively small automobile. Mini likewise seems to have selected a New York debut to drive home the point that the Cooper is primarily intended for city use.

“Much like the dramatic presence of New York’s titanic skyscrapers on the compact island of Manhattan, the MINI Cooper S is power and poise in a small, space efficient package.” said Mike Peyton, Vice President of MINI of the Americas. “Seeing the new, MINI Cooper S having fun on the streets of New York is a testament to MINI as a small, fun-to-drive car with a big heart.”

2025 mini cooper s hardtop revealed in nyc

The vehicle’s personality is something we won’t know until it has been tested. However, it seems like the company isn’t interested in straying too far from the original recipe.

Mini said it would drop details about the base model later this year. The convertible and higher-performance JCW models are also supposed to debut by this October. Meanwhile the hatchbacks are supposed to go on sale in September. The base is supposed to start at $29,945 and the S variant is supposed to begin at $33,195 — both of which are three grand more than their outgoing counterparts.

2025 mini cooper s hardtop revealed in nyc

[Images: Mini]

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