VW Says ‘Nein’ to ID.7 in America – For Now


vw says nein to id 7 in america for now

Not even two months after detailing powertrain, battery size, and trim walk for the all-electric ID.7 sedan, Volkswagen has announced they are delaying its introduction.

Citing the handy catchall of ‘changing market dynamics’, VW sent a missive early this morning which spoke of the decision to put the ID.7 on ice in this market. Since the PR bumf indicated precisely zero indication as to the model’s new on-sale date stateside, it is technically correct to say the delay is indefinite. However, it is worth noting the ID.7 has been on sale across the pond since 2023 and has won a smattering of awards. Reading the tea leaves, it isn’t a bad car.

This could be another canary in the coal mine that is EV sales in America, a segment whose take rate remain apace but not at the leaps and bounds of the last couple of years. Talking heads say EV sales in America rose a few percent in the first quarter of 2024 compared to this same time last year – but fell by a fifth compared to the Q4 of 2023. Anyone blessed with the gift of common sense knows this is largely thanks to the fact that early adopters have bought their fill of EVs; since sales cycles of vehicles isn’t what one would call short, it’ll be a spell before those same folks begin lining up again at dealers.

Meanwhile, electric vehicles can be a hard sell to everyone else, for a variety of reasons including but not limited to driving range and lack of public charging infrastructure. Your writer will defend to the death John Doe’s right to purchase or lease whatever vehicle they wish, whether that’s an EV for road trips or long box truck for running errands. It’s your money; get what you like.

But it won’t be a Volkswagen ID.7, at least not any time soon.

[Image: VW]

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