VW Commits to a Very Cheap EV – in Europe


vw commits to a very cheap ev in europe

It was only a short spell ago that we all learned Volkswagen is hitting the pause button on the ID.7 in this country, deferring to changing market dynamics as a reason for the move. Now, the brand is eagerly posting about the imminent introduction of a cheap-as-chips EV – in Europe.

According to a post on X (Twitter) yesterday afternoon by an account belonging to the VW Group, a bite-sized electric vehicle will appear in 2027 with a price tag of just 20,000 euros. At today’s exchange rate, that’s roughly $21,620 in Freedom Bucks. Only a shadowy image of the car was shown, appearing as a hatchback that’s likely the size and overall shape of a Up! Or even smaller. In a vacuum, it’s tough to tell.

The post calls it a push towards entry-level mobility, setting standards for technology and design plus the obvious affordability factor. The statement of “From Europe, for Europe!” leaves no question as to the market for which this car is intended. Cars of this size and price tend to do well in that market, to say nothing of the differences in what’s expected of range and the like for electric vehicles. 

Whilst reasonably priced EVs would be welcomed by some customers on this side of the pond, a tiny city car with equally diminutive range wouldn’t be ideal for most in the wilds of Montana or North Dakota, though New York and Los Angeles could be a different story. Still, two cities do not an entire market make. 

When it arrives, there’s every chance in the world it’ll be called the ID.1 or ID.2 in keeping with VW’s naming scheme for its electric cars. While this thing would likely be too small for the tastes of many around here, it is worth noting Volkswagen execs have made noise about bringing an ID.4 GTI to America, setting up a potential cage match with the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N.

[Image: VW Group]

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