Think Charging Your EV is Fast? This Wait Time Will Shock You


Photo credit: Owlie Productions /

Photo credit: Owlie Productions /

Recent research on electric vehicle (EV) charging reveals that the average duration of a charging session at non-Tesla fast chargers is approximately 42 minutes. This finding is based on a comprehensive study by Energetics, which analyzed over 2.4 million charging sessions spanning three years. The length of these charging sessions may be influenced by several factors, including the increasing preference for larger batteries, the performance of public DC fast chargers, and general awareness of fast charging techniques among EV drivers.

Tesla’s Efficient Charging Model

Tesla, a notable player in the EV market, offers a superior charging and mapping interface for its customers. This system not only directs Tesla drivers to the most convenient charging stations but also advises on the optimal duration of each charging session to minimize travel time. This approach generally results in Tesla drivers opting for shorter, more frequent charging sessions. When Tesla’s charging data is included, the average charging time across all fast charging sessions drops to 31 minutes.

Optimal Charging Practices

Public fast chargers are primarily intended for use during long journeys, with most daily charging ideally conducted at home. Optimal charging speeds are achieved when an EV’s battery is pre-conditioned and charged between 20 percent and 80 percent capacity. Charging the initial and final 20 percent of the battery takes considerably longer, as this involves a more intricate process of integrating electrons into the battery. Understanding and managing these charging dynamics is crucial, especially since it is not always necessary to charge the battery to full capacity unless required for reaching the next destination or charging point.

Future of EV Charging

The advent of modern EVs, capable of supporting higher charging speeds, coupled with the expansion of high-speed charging infrastructure, offers hope for reduced charging times in the future. As consumers become more familiar with EVs and learn efficient usage and charging practices, it is anticipated that the average duration of charging sessions will decrease.

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