The Volvo EX30 Is Delayed to Fix Software Issues


the volvo ex30 is delayed to fix software issues

The Volvo EX30 promises to be one of the most affordable new EVs on the market, but it’s not quite ready for primetime. Volvo recently announced that it was delaying European deliveries of the SUV to fix software issues.

The good news for American buyers is that Volvo should have had time to fix the hiccups before its release here. Software version 1.2 is the problem, with Volvo saying, “important progress has been made, but the software version 1.2 does not yet meet all the requirements necessary to be released.”

While automakers can fix many issues with new cars via over-the-air updates, this one had to be performed in person, a significant source of the delays. Volvo had already delayed the EX90 because of software problems with its LiDAR system, but the EX30 is expected to be the automaker’s volume EV, as its price starts at around $35,000.

Volvo will start building the EX30 at its factory in China, but a Belgian facility will take up production in 2025. Production will begin in the U.S. after Volvo gets the EX90 rolling at its South Carolina factory, which will open at least partial EV tax credit eligibility for both models.

The EX30 is an important model for Volvo, so it’s vital that the company fix the issues before the SUV lands in buyers’ driveways. Delays are frustrating, but it’s far better to release a complete, working product instead of issuing a recall out of the gate.

[Image: Volvo]

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