The Cybertruck’s Windshield Costs $1,900 to Replace


the cybertruck s windshield costs 1 900 to replace

We were promised an affordable Cybertruck, but as it turns out, nothing about Tesla’s latest EV is cheap. The least expensive trim won’t be available until 2025, leaving the truck’s starting price at almost $70,000, and we’re now learning how much some replacement parts will cost. Electrek recently dug around in Tesla’s online parts catalog and found that the windshield costs a whopping $1,900 to replace.

To be fair, that’s around what a Mercedes S-Class or Rivian windshield costs, but the Tesla’s glass is unique because of its shape. It’s also worth noting that most insurance plans have glass replacement options that can make the repair a low- or zero-cost issue. Other parts seem more reasonable, such as a $550 front fender, but the massive windshield wiper blade costs $75 to replace. Tesla quotes $470 to replace the 35-inch Goodyear A/T tires, which isn’t that far off the prices seen at online retailers.

Of course, as Electrek noted, Tesla can be slow in delivering replacement parts, and the real issue with Cybertruck components may be the wait times, not the cost. There are only a few trucks on the road now, but that number is expected to increase rapidly in 2024, so the automaker will need to iron out its supply chain to keep up with the flow.

[Image: Tesla]

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