The Chevy Equinox EV Won’t Start At $30,000 After All


the chevy equinox ev won t start at 30 000 after all

Despite growing in number and popularity, EVs are still too expensive, and most are significantly pricier than comparable gas models. Even with government tax credits and other incentives, electric models are out of reach for many buyers, and the seemingly constant pricing fluctuations aren’t helping. Chevy originally announced that the upcoming Equinox EV would start at around $30,000, but the automaker recently crushed our hopes and dreams with – you guessed it – a price increase.

Frustratingly, the SUV hasn’t even hit dealers’ lots yet, and Chevy’s already cut the originally planned base trim, raising the starting price by more than 10 percent. The 1LT trim will not be offered, leaving the $34,995 front-wheel drive 2LT as the new base trim. Adding salt to the wound, the least expensive models won’t be offered at launch. The 2RS trim will be the first to land, carrying a starting price of $48,995 with FWD and $52,395 with AWD.

To be fair, the mid-$30,000 starting price is still quite solid, especially considering that much of the competition is significantly more expensive. The Equinox EV also promises solid specs, with the least costly FWD trim offering a 300-mile driving range. These prices also do not reflect incentives, such as tax and state credits, that could significantly lower the cost of entry.

[Image: Chevrolet]

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