Tesla Might Soon Offer a Supercharger Extension Cable


tesla might soon offer a supercharger extension cable

For a long time, Tesla’s Superchargers only supported its vehicles, but the automaker has recently opened the network to outside brands. While some challenges, such as delays and crowded locations, were expected, there have been a few issues relating to the fact that some automakers don’t install their vehicles’ charging ports in places where they can be reached by a Supercharger cable. To remedy that issue, Tesla is working on an extension cable that would allow non-Tesla EVs to charge without hassle.

Tesla vehicles all have charging ports on the left rear, so shorter Supercharger cables have no trouble reaching them. Other EVs might have a charging port on the other side, or it might be hidden in the grille, which would make the cables too short. Tesla’s statement acknowledges that difficulty: “Most Supercharger cables at NACS Supercharger sites should be able to reach your EV charge port, however, in some cases, you might have to park over the line in order to charge comfortably. Avoid parking diagonally to reach the cable, and try to obstruct as few charge posts as possible. Charge port locations vary by EV model, which requires cable sharing between adjacent stalls at many sites.”

While the cable will help, it won’t fix the sometimes baffling behavior EV owners – both new and experienced – exhibit when it comes to charging. People already park sideways and in ways that block others’ access to chargers. The cable also won’t solve charging etiquette, which is an infuriating mix of ignorance of other people’s needs and a complete disregard for them. Tesla might win some points with all EV owners if it included a short how-to brochure with the extended charging cables.

[Image: Tesla]

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