Tesla Cybertruck Specs Allegedly Leaked Ahead of Late November Reveal


tesla cybertruck specs allegedly leaked ahead of late november reveal

We’re just weeks away from the Tesla Cybertruck’s official unveiling, but the company hasn’t yet released specs or even a price. A recent leak could shed light on the issue, as an “insider” sent what they claim are Cybertruck specs to The Fast Lane EV.

First, there’s no way of knowing if these specs are accurate or if they apply to the version of the truck we’ll see in a few weeks. However, they are interesting, as they could show how the Tesla stacks up against the Ford F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T, its most pressing competition on launch.

The person claimed the dual-motor Cybertruck has a curb weight of 6,670 pounds, and the tri-motor weighs in at 6,890 pounds. Towing is noted as reaching 11,000 pounds, which matches the Rivian and outperforms the Ford by 1,000 pounds.

Leaked exterior dimensions suggest the Cybertruck is longer and wider than the R1T and significantly shorter than the Ford F-150 Lightning – a claim backed up by recent spottings of the Tesla next to a Ford on California highways.

The fact that we don’t have complete specs this close to a release should be a cause for alarm and frustration for reservation holders. People who plopped down a deposit when the truck was announced four years ago should have received at least a little early information before being expected to follow through with a purchase. That said, the automaker’s near-production prototypes haven’t done much to bolster confidence in the new truck’s quality, so keeping it hidden until the last moment might be a prudent move for Tesla.

[Image: Tesla]

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