Tesla Cybertruck Max Towing Revealed


tesla cybertruck max towing revealed

Tesla has revealed the maximum towing capabilities for the long-anticipated Cybertruck by including it in display materials located at some of the brand’s physical locations. As the company lacks a dedicated PR department, the information comes by way of social media accounts and dedicated forums. While this means Tesla hasn’t confirmed the figures, there is sufficient coverage to deem the number plausible. Until the manufacturer says otherwise, Cybertruck will be capable of towing 11,000 pounds.

This is about 3,000 pounds less than the brand had originally claimed. But it remains competitive for an all-electric pickup truck if compared to alternatives from Ford and General Motors. Both of their full-size pickups that forego combustion engines top out at 10,000, while the Rivian R1T caps at 11,000 pounds.

Ram is supposed to deliver its electric REV 1500 with 14,000 pounds of towing capacity and GM claims to have something that ballparks around 20,000 of pulling power in the works. But neither of those products have entered the market boasting the relevant specifications. So, Tesla’s Cybertruck appears to be right in the sweet spot with 11,000 pounds of towing and a maximum payload of 2500 pounds.

Pickup aficionados will note the above figures are lacking when compared to any HD pickup equipped with the relevant towing packages. But it needs to be said that people who buy upgraded dually trucks usually have some intention of hauling real weight on a regular basis. Meanwhile, I’ve yet to see any electric pickup operating in the wild with something in the bed and towing tests done by reputable outlets have shown all-electric platforms make for less-than ideal tools during a long haul.

It’s not that electric trucks cannot haul things, it’s that range suffers greatly under load. While this is likewise true for combustion-engined vehicles, it’s easier and quicker to fill up a vehicle that relies on liquid fuel for energy. However, the number of EV fast chargers in the country continues to climb and it’s still cheaper to recharge an electric pickup at home. An electric truck may still be of great use to someone who simply wants to get their boat to a nearby lake. But they begin to lose the advantage once you’re moving weight considerable distances and have to pay (and wait) for public charging.

Tesla’s numbers may be down slightly from what was originally being promised. But, assuming the brand doesn’t correct anyone, Cybertruck’s initial specs should be more than enough to keep it competitive until something newer comes along. Maximum towing is about what we’d expect for the segment and maximum payload is a little better.

Expect more mysteries to be solved later this week. Tesla is planning a huge event at the Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, on November 30th to celebrate the first Cybertruck deliveries.

[Image: Tesla]

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