Study Highlights EV Owners’ Desire for Classic Gas Station Features


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A recent study conducted by AutoPacific has shed light on the preferences of both current and potential electric vehicle (EV) consumers regarding public charging facilities. The findings reveal a clear desire among consumers for features that align closely with the traditional gas station experience. According to the study, 90 percent of EV owners and individuals considering EVs prioritize easily accessible information on charging speeds and costs. This parallels the demand for additional amenities that enhance the overall utility of the stations.

Lighting and Accessibility

A key aspect of the ideal EV charging station is proper lighting. A well-lit environment not only contributes to safety but also enhances the ease of use during nighttime. This feature is equally important to both current and prospective EV users, with 89 percent of respondents in agreement.

Protection from the Elements

Similar to traditional gas stations, public EV charging stations should offer protection from weather conditions such as rain and snow. This consideration is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the charging process and user comfort. Both groups surveyed value this attribute highly, with 87 percentt concurrence.

Vehicle Care Services

The availability of basic vehicle care services at charging stations is another attribute that is in demand. Services such as windshield cleaning, air pumps for tires, and vacuums are deemed necessary by 86 percent of EV owners and 79 percent of potential buyers. These services add value to the charging station experience.

Connectivity and Convenience

Providing Wi-Fi access at charging stations is seen as important, potentially due to the waiting time associated with charging EVs. This amenity is favored by 85 percent of current EV owners and 78 percent of potential adopters, highlighting the desire for a connected and convenient charging experience.

In summary, the expectations for public EV charging stations are clear. Users are looking for convenience, information, safety, and additional services that go beyond just charging the vehicle. These attributes collectively contribute to a more satisfactory charging experience, akin to the familiar amenities provided by traditional fueling stations.

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