Stellantis to Lean On Jeep to Boost Sales and Revenues


stellantis to lean on jeep to boost sales and revenues

We recently reported on the Jeep brand’s 23rd consecutive win as the nation’s most patriotic car brand. While that’s a big honor for any American automaker, Stellantis wants to capitalize on that equity by leaning on the Jeep brand to boost revenues. The company said it expects Jeep sales to grow by 50 percent globally over the next three years, aiming for 1.5 million units by 2027.

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares said the automaker would grow its appeal with new vehicles and powertrains, noting, “We are going to reinforce the manufacturing footprint of Jeep.” The moves will include boosting Jeep’s model line from 10 to 13 vehicles and a total of 27 powertrain combinations. Jeep will offer internal combustion, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid vehicles, and we may see range-extended EVs like the new Ram truck.

stellantis to lean on jeep to boost sales and revenues

North America is Jeep’s most coveted market, and it’s looking to boost sales to more than one million units by the 2027 benchmark. The first vehicles we’ll see rolled out include the Jeep Wagoneer S, the Recon, and plug-in versions of other models.

Jeep has also promised a $25,000 Renegade EV in the next few years, which we’ve long been promised from other automakers without any tangible vehicles, so it remains anyone’s guess as to whether Jeep and Stellantis can pull it off. That said, the Jeep brand’s presence on the U.S. market and Americans’ attachment to its “off-the-grid” ethos might be enough to push it across the finish line.

stellantis to lean on jeep to boost sales and revenues

[Images: Jeep/Stellantis]

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