Report: Tesla To Build Fabled Affordable Electric Car in Germany


report tesla to build fabled affordable electric car in germany

We’re back here again. New reports state that Tesla is working toward an affordable EV model and note that it will produce the vehicles at its German location near Berlin. As these things tend to go with Tesla, the information came from an unnamed source, as reported by Automotive News.

The report noted that Tesla plans to build a car with a 25,000-Euro starting price, or just shy of $27,000. While the Model 3’s prices have fallen in recent times, the least expensive model in the line is $38,990 before tax credits and local incentives.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk visited the plant last week and thanked the staff for their hard work. Reports came from that meeting that he made the affordable vehicle announcement while visiting staff. The Model Y is already built in that location and is Europe’s best-selling EV.

The automaker has long worked toward a unique casting production method that cuts costs and complexity. While it makes vehicles harder to repair after a collision, the process can drastically reduce production time and costs.

Tesla doesn’t have a PR department and doesn’t typically telegraph its moves ahead of time, so there’s no way of knowing, or even asking, if or when it plans to bring the car to the United States. There is an appetite here for cheaper models, as automakers promised affordable EVs, only to roll out more expensive variants first. Chevy originally announced the Equinox EV with a $30,000 starting price, but as it approaches early deliveries, the base price has climbed to $35,000, and the almost $ 60,000 version is launching first.

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