Range Finder: Rivian Offers Smaller Battery on R1S and R1T


range finder rivian offers smaller battery on r1s and r1t

Hitting the powertrain of its pickup truck and SUV with a shrink ray has permitted Rivian to offer a new battery option – and a new price point – for its pair of all-electric models.

A so-called Standard battery is in the pipe, packing 106 kWh of capacity and an estimated 270 miles of driving range on a full charge. There will also be a Standard+ configuration, with 121 kWh and 315 miles range. In comparison to other options on the order sheet, the Large battery is rated at about 350 miles of total driving distance while the mighty Max battery carries a 410-mile estimate from the EPA eggheads.

You may expect these new arrangements to be accompanied by a lower price – and you’d be right. The fresh Standard arrangement is just over nine grand less expensive than the Large, meaning customers can get into an R1T for $71,700 or an R1S for $76,700. This sum unlocks the Dual Motor powertrain, good for 533 horsepower. Right now, that’s the only way to get the Standard battery, though the Standard+ can be paired with the tastier 665 hp Dual Motor Performance model. 

For those keeping track, the Standard+ will be a $3,100 walk from the Standard; adding the Performance gubbins tacks on another five grand. Before destination fees, the R1T now slides under 70 large in Standard Dual Motor guise. And with numerous trims ducking under the $80,000 limbo bar, there could be some federal tax incentives in the offing. However, structure for EV rebates in America confuse this author to no end, so he will defer to our own Matt Posky, who is the resident expert on that topic.

These rigs are available to build and price on the Rivian website, suggesting they could be ordered and delivered before the snow melts.

[Images: Rivian]

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