QOTD: Would You Rather Own a Mansion or an EV Startup?


qotd would you rather own a mansion or an ev startup

We brought you news this morning that Fisker founder and boss Henrik Fisker has apparently listed his L.A. mansion for sale for more than Fisker appears to be worth.

So, would you rather own the house or own a small automaker?

I perused the real-estate listing this morning and I gotta say, the house is pretty sweet. Living there would be tempting — and if I could afford that house, I might be able to afford another house here. So I could live there part-time and still keep roots in Chicago. Sweet!

On the other hand, even given Fisker’s current struggles, owning a car company seems like it would be a lot of fun for a car enthusiast. Sure, there’d be all the usual headaches that all car-company CEOs deal with, but imagine being the boss at an automaker and being able to influence product decisions.

OK, yeah, this is a silly QOTD, and it’s not even a Friday. That’s OK, QOTDs can be fun. So, what would you choose?

Sound off below.

[Image: Fisker]

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