QOTD: What Other Legacy/EV Startup Pairings Make Sense?


Volkswagen announced yesterday that it will be dropping $1 billion into Rivian — and perhaps up to $5 billion over time.

This investment from a legacy automaker into a startup EV maker got me wondering — what other legacy OEMs should put some cash into EV startups? Which startups should benefit?

I think we can rule Tesla out on this one, it seems to be doing OK. And Fisker failed to get a lifeline from Nissan, and now it’s bankrupt.

That leaves Lucid, VinFast, and a whole host of smaller EV startups out there as possible beneficiaries of a cash infusion.

Should GM or Ford give Lucid some money? Toyota and VinFast? Should Nissan now comeback to finish the deal and rescue what’s left of Fisker?

What say you?

Sound off below.

[Image: Rivian]

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