QOTD: How Charged Up Are You?


qotd how charged up are you

Today’s Dodge Charger launch is going to drive a lot of conversations.

Including this question of the day.

The big question is, will Dodge be able to sell muscle-car aficionados, some of whom are probably anti-EV and/or very much in favor of internal-combustion engines, on a pure battery-electric vehicle? Especially since there was no intermediate electrification step involving a hybrid or plug-in hybrid?

I also wonder if the Hurricane-engine Chargers will sell well amongst those who are reluctant to go EV.

Maybe it will go the other way — maybe old-school folks will be won over by the power on tap, especially since EVs can put their torque down instantly.

Personally, I am not bothered by the idea of an EV muscle car, though it is a bit sad to say goodbye to natural V8 sounds — I am not sure fake exhaust sounds will be a proper replacement.

I am simply curious how the all-EV version of the new Charger will do. I am also curious as to how the EV/ICE mix will break down.

Some folks here think I am anti-EV — I am not. That said, I wouldn’t own one at present, as my current living situation makes charging a hassle. So whether I would buy an EV Charger is academic for the moment — and I reserve final judgment on any new vehicle until I drive it, anyway.

With that in mind, I could see, based on the car’s specs, a scenario where I’d own one, if I could charge it easily. I am also intrigued by the six-cylinder version — it may not have a V8’s snarl, but the power numbers are strong, the price will probably be less dear, and even if you’re not anti-EV, buying a Hurricane-equipped Charger could be the best way to have one in your driveway. Imagine wanting the Daytona but buying the six because it’s cheaper and/or you can’t charge an EV easily. That’s one way to get into a cool-looking new Charger.

What say you? Do you like the car’s looks? Would you drive/own the EV Daytona? Is this muscle-car blasphemy or a step into the performance future as the motoring world evolves? Do you prefer the Hurricane, and if so, is that because it’s ICE or for some other reason? And so on, and so forth.

Some of these questions will be answered, at least for me, whenever I finally drive the car.

Until then, sound off below.

[Image: Dodge]

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