QOTD: Going Cyber?


qotd going cyber

Today’s QOTD is quite simple — would you, if you have the dough, buy a Tesla Cybertruck?

OK, let me amend that a little — would you buy the Cybertruck if you had the dough and the ability to live the EV lifestyle due to easy access to a charger?

As a bonus QOTD, feel free to weigh in on the truck’s looks.

As for me, I don’t think it’s attractive. I hesitate to use the word “ugly” — I’ve probably seen worse automotive design — but it looks either like those fantast Hot Wheels cars I played with as a kid or something out of a Robocop movie.

That’s it, that’s the QOTD. It’s that simple. And yes, we’ve covered the Cybertruck a lot this afternoon but it’s a big deal so it’s worth the attention, even if that attention is critical/negative.

So, you know the deal. Sound off below.

[Image: Tesla]

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