Maserati Delays Quattroporte Folgore


maserati delays quattroporte folgore

Maserati has delayed the launch of the seventh-generation Quattroporte, citing concerns that the model needs to adhere to a certain level of performance outlined by the manufacturer. However, the benchmarks the brand intends on reaching are largely a mystery and the company has already expressed some troubles related to transitioning its lineup toward all-electric vehicles.

With reports that the Ghibli isn’t long for this world, the next Quattroporte is slated to become the only sedan in Maserati’s range after 2025. But there have been lingering questions about what form it will take. Initial rumors had the seventh-generation arriving in 2024, launching exclusively as the all-electric Quattroporte Folgore — which translates directly from Italian into “Four-door Thunderbolt.”

Despite reports that the model will be all-electric, the more plausible scenario has the upcoming Maserati launching as an EV with combustion models to follow. Internal leaks have suggested that the company had engineered the model to take advantage of Stellantis’ twin-turbo “Hurricane” engine.

This makes us think it’ll probably share a platform with the upcoming Dodge Charger, which also seems like it’ll come in both gasoline and electric versions. But we’ve also heard rumors that it might run with an upgraded version of the V6 that’s still found in the Ghibli. Meanwhile, Quattroporte rivals now exist on both sides of the electrification divide at a time when EV demand appears to have stagnated somewhat.

According to Automotive News Europe, news of the production delay first started to circulate in the Italian press roughly a week ago. But it has since been confirmed by the manufacturer, stating that Maserati wanted to “take zero risks on the performance level of the new car.”

Leadership has likewise stated that the vehicle will launch as an all-electric in early 2025. Depending on how serious the delay happens to be, that target may no longer be achievable.

From Automotive News Europe:

According to Italian media, Stellantis is still working on the business case for the Quattroporte Folgore. The automaker has asked suppliers to the sedan to cut their prices by 6 percent, after asking for a similar reduction in 2023, according to reports.

The Quattroporte Folgore is the third Maserati EV that has been delayed, following the battery-electric Folgore versions of the GranTurismo coupe and Grecale midsize SUV, which were expected to be launched in 2023 but were moved to this year instead. Fuel-powered versions of both the GranTurismo and Grecale are already on sale.

Maserati claims to want an electric-only lineup by 2030. But EV delays have been a problem. That said, it’s unclear exactly what the takeaway from that should be. Production hang ups have become pathetically common within the industry of late and all-electric models seem to be getting the worst of it.

Regardless, Maserati is still moving forward with things. Deliveries of the GranTurismo Folgore have officially commenced, with the company confirming the Grecale Folgore for the second half of 2024.

[Image: Maserati]

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