J.D. Power Discovers Dealer Service Satisfaction Rises Amidst Extended Wait Periods


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The auto industry has seen a rebound in customer satisfaction with dealer service experiences this year, marking a positive shift. However, dealers are still facing challenges due to shortages in parts and labor, which have contributed to increased wait times for service appointments. The overall customer service satisfaction index done by J.D. Power has seen a modest rise to 851 on a 1,000-point scale, reflecting a mixed scenario of improvements and ongoing hurdles.

Electric Vehicle Service Experience Needs Enhancement

As the electric vehicle (EV) market grows, particularly for non-Tesla battery-electric vehicles (BEVs), the service experience has not fully met owner expectations. The industry is urged to enhance the service quality and ownership experience for BEV owners, who currently face longer wait times and a perceived inconsistency in service due to a higher rate of recalls among these vehicles. The need for improvement is underscored by the lower trust non-Tesla BEV owners have in dealers for complex repairs, compared to their gas-powered and plug-in hybrid counterparts.

Innovations and Preferences in Service

The study highlights the integration of technology in the service process as a key factor in enhancing customer satisfaction. Customers show a strong preference for receiving service updates through text messages over phone calls and appreciate the use of photos or videos during vehicle inspections. Additionally, the study underscores a growing trend towards aftermarket services, driven by shorter wait times and the convenience of location.

Rising Costs and Brand Performances

There has been a noticeable increase in the average cost of service visits across both premium and mass market vehicles, attributed to inflation and the rising costs of parts and labor. On the brand front, Lexus and Buick have emerged as leaders in their respective categories for dealer service satisfaction, with several other brands also showing strong performances across different vehicle segments.

While there are signs of improvement in the auto dealer service experience, there remain significant areas for enhancement, especially in accommodating the growing BEV market. The study points to technology, efficiency, and transparent communication as pivotal factors in elevating service satisfaction. Dealers and manufacturers are encouraged to address these challenges proactively to align with evolving customer expectations.

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