Hyundai Kona Electric N Line Appears for Europe


hyundai kona electric n line appears for europe

Whilst the machine shown in these digital images are technically for a European model, it is all but certain this electric N Line will be available in America very soon.

But don’t get yer knickers twisted: This isn’t the full-fat N version – yet. What you see here is the N-Line, a model that in Hyundai-speak bears some semblance to an eventual raucous N variant but maintains a workaday powertrain. It is being reported this new Kona Electric makes 215 horsepower in Euro spec. Right now, the most powerful Kona Electric trims in America are the SEL and Limited, both of which belt out 201 horsepower.

Spotting the N Line in traffic will be easy thanks to a unique front fascia, side skirts, and gear like mirror caps. Those 19-inch wheels appear to be specific to the N Line, as well. The wild(ish) split rear wing we’ve seen on other speedy all-electric Hyundai models is not present here, suggesting it will either be reserved for the actual N or as an accessory. 

hyundai kona electric n line appears for europe

Recall the new-for-this-year Kona was designed as an EV first, not the other way around, meaning its all-electric gubbins weren’t shoehorned into a platform intended for internal combustion. That being said, history teaches us Hyundai is likely to sell far more Kona crossovers with ICE propulsion instead of EV guts, marking one of the few models on our shores to be marketed in such a manner. Add in the existence of several other generally excellent EVs in Hyundai showrooms – Ioniq 5, et al – and one can say there is definitely no shortage of choice in the stores of this Korean automaker.

hyundai kona electric n line appears for europe

For comparison purposes, the 2024 Kona Electric currently has a sticker price between $32,675 for an SE and $41,045 for a Limited. Its internally combusted brother has the same trims, priced at $24,100 and $31,650 respectively. The N Line, already available in ICE form, is $30,650. With that in mind, we’ll estimate the Kona Electric N Line will be right around 40 grand when it comes to market in this neck of the woods.

Production of the Kona Electric N-Line for European customers will kick off next month.

[Images: Hyundai]

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