Honda Spills Beans on Future Product, Shows Civic Hybrid


honda spills beans on future product shows civic hybrid

Looking ahead to the 2024 calendar year, Honda has laid out some of its plans for the forthcoming 12 months. While we’re sure they’ve still a few things up their sleeve (after all, the phrase “We can’t comment on future product” is a PR mainstay), the news does give us a good idea as to what’s in store – plus a shot of the 2025 Civic Hybrid.

Let’s start with that model, a trim which is sure to pad sales numbers in Honda showrooms as it continues its long-running battle with the Toyota Corolla, a car which has been offering hybrid power for some spell. Right off the bat, Honda is expecting big things from the Civic Hybrid, stating they feel the trim will comprise a full 40 percent of the models’ sales when it launches this summer. 

For all you number nerds (*raises hand*), Honda shifted 200,381 new Civics in America last year, meaning they’ll need to sell about 80,000 of the things to meet their goal. In comparison, Toyota sold 232,370 Corollas – not counting the Cross – through calendar year 2023, of which 47,990 were hybrids. That’s just over 20 percent.

It is certainly possible that Honda will build to this target of 40 percent and force demand; after all, Civics tend to sell no matter what’s on the ground. Also, the hybrid powertrain is promised in both sedan and hatchback body styles, so that’ll help. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on this metric as the calendar flips through 2024. The entire Civic lineup gets styling tweaks for the ’25 model year, presumably like the ones shown in that hero shot above.

honda spills beans on future product shows civic hybrid

Elsewhere in the showroom, the Prologue is scheduled to land in the coming months, the Odyssey minivan is due for some tweaks, and a fuel cell CR-V is in the works for certain markets. Acura customers will find freshened MDX and RDX crossovers whilst shopping, along with the ZDX variant of that Prologue EV. 

Buried in the bumf is a line saying that a new Acura crossover will also debut later this year, positioned at the lineup’s gateway alongside the Integra. Any bets they’ll call it the IDX? Unless, of course, VW’s bloodthirsty yet bedwetting lawyers cry foul, in which case it may be called the ADX.

[Images: Honda]

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