Have We Reached Peak EV? (Part 1)


have we reached peak ev part 1

Electric vehicles are dominating the industry conversation, so we had a chat with someone who is a bit of an EV evangelist…as well as with a journalist who noted that his outlet elected seven electrified vehicles to its latest Top 10 list.

We chat with the CEO and founder of Electrify Expo, BJ Birtwell, about what EE does and where the EV market is headed.

After a brief interlude in which I regale you with my somewhat limited track experience, we then talk about socket sets with Matthew Guy and bring Consumer Reports’ Alex Knizek on to discuss why seven vehicles on CR’s top 10 list for 2024 are electrified.

Not fully electric, necessarily, but electrified. Meaning hybrids and plug-in hybrids are in the mix.

Thanks for listening and have a great weekend!

[Image: Tesla]

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