Ford Unveils 1,400hp F-150 Lightning SuperTruck for Pikes Peak


ford unveils 1 400hp f 150 lightning supertruck for pikes peak

Some spell ago, we brought you news about the shadowy teasers Ford was showing of their planned SuperTruck for Pikes Peak. Now, the Blue Oval has gone and released details about the whole enchilada – and it makes over 1,400 horsepower.

According to Ford, the F-150 Lightning SuperTruck is capable of making “1,400-plus” all-electric horsepower thanks to a trio of 6-phase motors and what’s described as an “ultra-high performance” lithium-polymer NMC cell. Those three consonants generally stand for Nickel-Cobalt Manganese in the battery biz, by the way. Car companies like to make noise about how its racing efforts can eventually inform decisions made in production vehicles; with the warp speed work being done on EV batteries and their composition, there may be more than just a skiff of truth in that for this example. You can bet Ford engineers are watching this project closely.

ford unveils 1 400hp f 150 lightning supertruck for pikes peak

Hewing to the extreme demand of Pikes Peak, the hillclimber showcases a ton of aero tricks. In fact, it’s more like three tons of aero tricks since this beast allegedly produces some 6,000 pounds of downforce at 150 miles per hour. A triple-element front wing, headlight ducts, diffusers galore, and That Wing all conspire to keep this thing glued to tarmac. Its suspension is described as a fully custom in-board set up, so we imagine there isn’t a tremendous amount of bits under the SuperTruck which would look familiar to owners of a road-going F-150 Lightning.

ford unveils 1 400hp f 150 lightning supertruck for pikes peak

Officially called the *inhales* Pikes Peak International Hill Climb presented by Gran Turismo *exhales*, this year marks the 102nd running of the event. It takes place on June 23rd. This annum, Ford aims to surpass its own 2023 record set by it SuperVan 4.2 which turned the trick in 8 minutes 47.682 seconds. Romain Dumas will be behind the wheel, current overall record holder at Pikes Peak and making his ninth run up the hill. This is his second stint with Ford.

[Images: Ford]

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