Ford Owners Can Begin Using Tesla Superchargers in the U.S. and Canada


ford owners can begin using tesla superchargers in the u s and canada

Ford was the first company to announce a move to Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS), and the automaker is now the first to offer access to the Supercharger network. The Blue Oval announced that its customers can now get a free Fast Charging Adapter that lets their vehicles access Tesla’s chargers.

Ford owners can take advantage of the offer through June 30, and the device is required to charge at a Tesla Supercharger station. The automaker said that customers have access to more than 15,000 chargers across North America and noted that reliable charging is a significant barrier to EV adoption.

Once armed with the adapter, which costs $230 after the promotional period, Ford owners can initiate a charging session through the FordPass App or the charging app in the infotainment system. Customers are not required to make a separate Tesla account and do not need the Tesla app to charge. Available Supercharger locations will show in the apps.

The adapter is the first in what will likely be a long line of such offerings from automakers. Though new models rolling off the factory floor will soon come with the NACS plug built-in, older models need the adapter to charge, and existing owners won’t want to miss out on the convenience of Supercharger access.

[Image: Ford via YouTube]

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