Ford is Offering a Zero-Percent Interest Rate for Mach-E Loans


ford is offering a zero percent interest rate for mach e loans

Ford cut Mustang Mach-E pricing earlier this year, achieving its intended result of boosting demand for the electric SUV. Now, the automaker is offering a zero-percent APR for qualified customers, making the vehicle even more affordable.

The Blue Oval discounted some Mach-E variants by more than $8,000, pushing sales by 86 percent in the first quarter of 2024. Those numbers made it the second best-selling SUV in its class, topped only by the Tesla Model Y. A zero-percent interest rate will likely improve its fortunes, though it’s not eligible for federal tax credits as of the time of this article.

ford is offering a zero percent interest rate for mach e loans

Ford is also prepping for the release of the Mach-E Rally, which brings a slight lift kit, beefier tires, rally wheels, and skid plates. The vehicle’s improving sales numbers are good news for the automaker, which had seen demand slide after the initial rush.

Incentives are nothing new, and they don’t necessarily point to problems with Mach-E demand. Though price cuts sometimes hurt current owners’ resale values, Ford’s traditional approach with interest rate cuts is a good way to boost sales without that nasty side effect.

ford is offering a zero percent interest rate for mach e loans

That said, Ford’s EV business hasn’t done it many favors in recent times. The company expects to lose billions on its Model e division and has pushed back the release of planned electric models as demand grows slower than hoped. Ford has had its ups and downs with quality, racking up more recalls than any other automaker, but this latest incentive makes the Mach-E hard to ignore.

[Images: Ford]

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