Cybertruck Struggles With Light Off-Roading in New Video


cybertruck struggles with light off roading in new video

We’re just a few weeks away from the four-year anniversary of the Tesla Cybertruck reveal event. The announcement understandably made huge waves in the auto industry and everywhere else, honestly, but that excitement hasn’t survived the several-year wait for many people. Videos like this one aren’t helping the truck’s case, either, as it appears to be struggling with a relatively straightforward off-road obstacle.

The short videos show a few Cybertrucks off-roading in sand and loose dirt. While the terrain has some steep hills and challenging obstacles, we’re not talking about a Moab-level trail here. The truck spins its wheels and has trouble getting traction but ultimately makes it up the hill.

To be fair, this could just be an issue of the wrong tires or an inexperienced driver, but appearances matter, and this appearance isn’t doing Tesla any favors. The automaker set November 30 as the Cybertruck’s initial delivery date, but it’s worth noting that Tesla hasn’t even disclosed pricing for the truck yet, now just a few weeks away from its arrival.

When it does land, the Cybertruck will have stiff competition from legacy automakers and upstarts like Rivian. That said, the truck likely won’t be a volume model for Tesla, instead focusing on diehard fans and super EV nerds. The design alone is enough to narrow the truck’s target audience significantly, but there are also questions about its utility and ability to do every day “truck stuff.” But, unless something else goes sideways – and there’s plenty of time for that to happen – we don’t have long to wait for answers to the Cybertruck questions.

[Image: @stretch_thecj2l on Instagram]

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