California EV Sales Dropped Two Quarters in a Row Last Year


california ev sales dropped two quarters in a row last year

Automakers have seen wavering demand for EVs across the country, but California has always been the stronghold for electric adoption and infrastructure. Even so, the tides turned late last year, which could signal slower times ahead for the industry.

EV sales fell for two consecutive quarters last year, down ten percent between Q3 and Q4, to 89,993 registrations. As Automotive News pointed out, the state still registers a substantial number of EVs, and they accounted for 21.4 percent of auto sales last year. California regulators want all vehicle sales to be for zero-emissions models by 2035, so any downturn is cause for concern.

Cox Automotive’s director of industry insights, Stephanie Valdez Streaty, said, “When I think about California’s overall adoption, this is just part of this transition. But if we see more quarters like this, it will be indicative of a slowdown.” She tempered that warning with a statement that more charging infrastructure and better training for dealers will lead to more growth.

Electric vehicles sold in record numbers last year, growing to 7.6 percent, up from 5.9 percent the year before. That growth is a step in the right direction, but it’s slower than many predicted. That has led many to predict that 2024 will be a year of incentives, price cuts, and higher inventory levels on dealers’ lots.

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