Cadillac Appears to Waver On EV Commitment


cadillac appears to waver on ev commitment

Nearly all of the top automakers selling vehicles in the U.S. have announced aggressive electrification plans that include shifting a majority of their production and sales efforts to EVs over the next decade. Such long-term plans are difficult on their own, but adding Americans’ polarized politics and unique driving culture to the mix has proven exceptionally challenging, even for companies with deep pockets and the most talented engineers. General Motors recently softened its stance, opting to produce more hybrids to fill the EV demand gap, and Cadillac now seems to be following its parent company’s lead.

Back in 2019, former Cadillac CEO Steve Carlisle said the brand would be all-electric by 2030, but the luxury automaker’s global vice president recently clarified those remarks to say that it is always listening to its customers and would follow their lead. John Roth said, “We are always listening to the customer. We are still on strategy of offering al all-EV portfolio by the end of the decade and we’re going to listen to the customer and let them be our guide. That’s our answer.”

That isn’t an explicit guarantee that Caddy won’t stop internal combustion sales, but it’s a strong indication that the brand will not drop gas engines if it views them as profitable and in-demand. The sentiment aligns with recent statements from Stellantis. Its CFO said that new platform development would include a multi-fuel approach, so it could offer gas, hybrid, or EV options if needed.

[Image: Cadillac]

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