BYD Debuts PHEV Pickup Truck for Mexican Buyers


byd debuts phev pickup truck for mexican buyers

Chinese automaker BYD (Build Your Dreams) doesn’t currently sell vehicles in the U.S., but it’s coming awfully close to our borders. It recently revealed a plug-in hybrid truck for the Mexican market, but said it has no plans to bring it north of the border – for now.

The Shark PHEV pickup will be sold globally for a starting price of around $53,400, though the world’s largest truck market will have to sit by and watch. BYD said it also plans to build a factory in Mexico with an annual capacity of 150,000 cars, though it will be a while before it selects a site for the plant.

The automaker said the Shark aims to remedy many of the issues commonly found with pickup trucks, including bad fuel economy and a clunky driving experience. Mexico got the nod for a factory and the truck’s unveiling due to the growing importance of its vehicle markets.

BYD’s international expansion is moving rapidly, but the company will likely second-guess any attempt to enter the United States. Recent moves from the White House have aimed at China with quadrupled tariffs on imported EVs, and several lawmakers have expressed grave concerns about companies sharing owner data with the Chinese government.

That said, BYD and other Chinese brands dominate the EV markets in other regions, including South America, where they comprise 87 percent of new electric sales. Tariffs or not, it’s probably only a matter of time before we start seeing them here, though the question of in what form and at what price remains.

[Image: BYD Mexico]

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