Drive Notes: 2024 Lexus GX 550 Premium AWD


drive notes 2024 lexus gx 550 premium awd

Today I am testing a 2024 Lexus GX 550 Premium AWD that may have just come from the national launch event.

I say that because this one is a pre-production unit. So it’s not quite fully sorted. Still, a short loan this week has been instructive.

drive notes 2024 lexus gx 550 premium awd

Price, by the way? Base is $62,900 and the estimated as-tested price, including the $1,350 destination fee, checks in at $66,450.


  • This is a torquey little f– ahem. Anyway, there’s plenty of twist on tap from the 3.4-liter twin-turbo V6, with 479 lb-ft on tap. Oh, and this thing isn’t little, but you knew that.
  • Lexus interiors continue to be among the best in the biz, and now that company seems done with bizarre controls such as mouse pads and has shifted to the new Toyota infotainment over the dated and ugly unit, the cabin here is a very pleasant place to be.
  • The engine has a pleasing roar.
  • HVAC and audio controls are mostly easy to use, and the audio sounds good.
  • The seats are all-day comfy.

drive notes 2024 lexus gx 550 premium awd


  • Too much engine noise intrudes. Same for wind noise at highway speeds.
  • The ride is a bit too stiff on broken pavement.
  • This particular tested didn’t feel well put together on broken pavement, but that could be chalked up to it being an early build. Same with the first bullet point here.
  • Hopping into and out of Apple CarPlay is easy. However, trying to hop between two AM radio stations requires more menu-diving than it should.
  • There’s body roll aplenty when cornering.
  • The blocky design is going to be polarizing.

drive notes 2024 lexus gx 550 premium awd

See you next time

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