Drive Notes: 2024 Ford Maverick Hybrid XLT


drive notes 2024 ford maverick hybrid xlt

Ford’s popular Maverick pickup truck gets only minor changes for 2024. That’s a good thing, since there’s a reason the Maverick is well-liked.

The biggest change is that the gas engine is now standard, and the 2.5-liter hybrid that makes 191 system horsepower is now optional.

I recently had a front-wheel drive hybrid example in XLT trim. As I try to do with most cars I test, I am giving you a Cliff’s Notes version in pro/con format, with a full review likely to come down the road.

So, here goes.

drive notes 2024 ford maverick hybrid xlt


  • The fuel economy is great — and the powertrain spends a decent amount of time in electric mode.
  • When the truck launched, I carped that the hybrid’s throttle response was too weak. Ford has fixed this — the response is much quicker.
  • There’s still car-like handling — no punishment because you’re driving a truck.
  • You can park this thing in the city with almost no problem.
  • Interior controls are easy to use and it’s nice to have buttons and knobs.


  • The ride is generally compliant, but can occasionally get too stiff.
  • As good as the cabin looks, it feels a little downmarket.
  • The steering is a bit too heavy at times.
  • Although throttle response is better, acceleration is still a bit lagging.
  • The infotainment screen and driver’s info screen are a tad small.

drive notes 2024 ford maverick hybrid xlt

Overall, if I had need for a small truck, the Maverick would probably be in my driveway, and not just because the only other vehicle close in size is the Hyundai Santa Cruz, which doesn’t do “truck” things as well as the Maverick does. It’s because, some flaws aside, it’s dang good.

[Images: Ford]

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